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Super small size power supplyUseful for those who need an easy to move power supplyThe voltage is regulated by rotating the red indicator

48,00 € IVA Escl.
48,00 € IVA Incl.

New design. New function Continuous Pedal / Alternate Pedal. ON/OFF Button

80,00 € 69,00 € IVA Escl.
69,00 € IVA Incl.

Power Supply 2 Ampere Dynamic Tattoo MachinesCompatible with all tattoo machinesOffers 12 levels of settable memories

140,00 € 138,00 € IVA Escl.
138,00 € IVA Incl.

Professional Body Supply Power Supply 3A - 2 output

140,00 € IVA Escl.
140,00 € IVA Incl.

The Critical Atom Power Supply looks like no other power supply: the colour of the power supply changes depending on the voltage you're running your machine on. The Critical Atom is also extremely easy to operate: everything is done with just one button.

179,00 € IVA Escl.
179,00 € IVA Incl.

Critical Control Station Small CX-1 is the smallest and multifunction power supply for tattoo machines Fully digital Microprocessor for control 

199,00 € IVA Escl.
199,00 € IVA Incl.

The AtomX features the easy to operate buttons as the other Critical power supplies. It also has the unique colour changing voltage indicator as the original Atom and a traditional display indicating the exact voltage.

239,00 € IVA Escl.
239,00 € IVA Incl.

The MUSOTOKU Power Supply is an extra injection of power to your machine during 0.5 seconds after pushing the foot switch. No need to prod the spring-clip with your finger anymore, or increasing the speed of your rotary to make it works.

283,00 € IVA Escl.
283,00 € IVA Incl.

5 Ampere high quality professional power supplyYou can improve the performance of all permanente makeup and tattoo machines

238,00 € IVA Escl.
238,00 € IVA Incl.
-15.0004% New

The Critical XR has a full colour display with large, easy to read fonts and you can change its colour theme to your liking. The XR is operated via a touch interface, making it easy to cover for hygiene purposes.

349,99 € 297,49 € IVA Escl.
297,49 € IVA Incl.

CX-2 is the most innovative power supply ever developed by Critical Tattoo. - Fully digital microprocessor - Fine adjustment of voltage 0-18vdc

299,00 € IVA Escl.
299,00 € IVA Incl.

Crx-3 is the youngest of the Critical family, with Clip cord dual output. - Fully digital microprocessor - Fine adjustment of voltage 0-18vdc

318,00 € IVA Escl.
318,00 € IVA Incl.
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