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Hectograph Paper for creating your stencils by hand. The tissue-paper is extremely resistant and sticks perfectly once damp. Ideal to be used with stencil transfer fluid (Arté or Red Fire). 

6,00 € IVA Escl.
6,00 € IVA Incl.

Hectograph paper for manual stencils to make your stencils on the skin. GREEN MODEL! The tissue is particularly resistant, and adheres perfectly when moistened. Green Spirit Hand Copy - 100 pcs

46,00 € IVA Escl.
46,00 € IVA Incl.

Single Sheet Carbon paper for fabulous hand stencils on the skin. Ideal to be used with stencil transfer liquid (Arté or Red Fire). Manual Paper - 200 pcs

54,95 € IVA Escl.
54,95 € IVA Incl.

Original ReproFX single sheet carbon paper in the EU compliant green for creating stencils by hand. Manual Paper - 200 pcs

52,00 € IVA Escl.
52,00 € IVA Incl.

Original Spirit fluid for stencil transfer.  Spirit Green Transfer Cream

5,00 € IVA Escl.
5,00 € IVA Incl.

Hulk is designed to work with both Spirit Green and Purple carbon paper as well as skin markers too! Say goodbye to needing a lotion AND a spray for your stencils! Hulk Red Stencil Liquid

15,00 € IVA Escl.
15,00 € IVA Incl.

From a team of experienced tattoo artists Blue Ice has formulated a solution for the transfer of the stencil suitable for any type of application. 1pcs. 60ml or 120ml

6,60 € IVA Escl.
6,60 € IVA Incl.
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Forte was born from the collaboration between Forte Technology's laboratories and the best artists of the global tattoo scene. Forte is the first professional support for the application of stencils with an antibacterial function.

10,00 € IVA Escl.
10,00 € IVA Incl.

Special sanitizing fluid with added liquid silicone, specific for stencil transfer (templates) on the skin. It’s a substitute of Dettol, which is no longer marketed in Italy. Bottle: 125ml

6,50 € IVA Escl.
6,50 € IVA Incl.
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Stencil Stuff is a revolutionary product for Stencil transfer, lasting in time. Used by the best tattoo artists of the world.

12,00 € IVA Escl.
12,00 € IVA Incl.

Essential for a resistant fixing after the stencil application. Used by the best tattoo artists of the world. Stencil Stuff Spray

27,00 € IVA Escl.
27,00 € IVA Incl.

Prep Stuff is used to prepare the skin prior for tattooing. It kills 99.9% of germs and microbes without removing vital oils from the skin! Prep Stuff - 240ml

24,50 € IVA Escl.
24,50 € IVA Incl.
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