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Golmar Oasis Medical Antiseptic solution for hands and skin disinfection. Disinfecting action guaranteed, it eliminates and controls skin bacterial load.

12,00 € IVA Escl.
12,00 € IVA Incl.

Gel ready to use, for hands hygiene With the 62% of alcool

9,00 € IVA Escl.
9,00 € IVA Incl.


9,80 € IVA Escl.
9,80 € IVA Incl.

Ready-to-use hydroalcoholic solution for hand sanitization and cleansing. Contains emollients. 750ml bottle.

11,97 € IVA Escl.
11,97 € IVA Incl.

Automatic touchless sanitizer dispenser. Large capacity, with a 700ml tank.

230,00 € IVA Escl.
230,00 € IVA Incl.

Self-drying alcoholic hand sanitizing gel for quick use without rinsing Cleans and sanitizes without leaving sticky hands

11,97 € IVA Escl.
11,97 € IVA Incl.

This non-rinse hand cleansing gel is designed to meet a specific need: hand hygiene and health safety. Its formula with ANTIBACTERIAL AGENT, performs a deep cleansing action, ensuring maximum hygiene even outside the home. 80ml tube

2,45 € IVA Escl.
2,45 € IVA Incl.

Delivery time: 30 days Handy is a professional product designed to ensure absolute protection against germs and bacteria quickly and safely. It is very easy to use, just bring your hands inside the special compartment and a photosensitive cell nebulizes the antibacterial solution. on the skin

437,00 € IVA Escl.
437,00 € IVA Incl.

Bacteriostatic soap 400ml is a highly concentrated bacteriostatic detergent Useful for cleaning the skin before and during permanent makeup Tattoo Beauty Soap offers a feeling of freshness and relief together with a sanitizing action

10,00 € IVA Escl.
10,00 € IVA Incl.

It creates a film on small wounds and protects them from the external environment. It is water resistant

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6,00 € IVA Incl.

Distributor with plastic filling tank Contains 0.5 lt.

13,95 € IVA Escl.
13,95 € IVA Incl.

Liquid hand cleaner Suitable for daily use

69,95 € IVA Escl.
69,95 € IVA Incl.
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items