Dynamic is an imported, distributed and certified brand by Dormouse Tattoo.Machine.

Dynamic products are tested and guaranteed by our company and have a two-year warranty, like all Dormouse Tattoo.Machine products.

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Tezla is the wireless tattoo machine from Dynamic Tattoo Machines.With Tezla you can say goodbye to all cables, pedals and power supplies. Just insert the cartridge and start tattooing!Tezla has no rechargeable cells or removable batteries. It simply needs to be charged like a smartphone.It has...

407,00 € IVA Escl.
407,00 € IVA Incl.

Shelby is the coil machine signed Dynamic Tattoo MachinesSuitable for lines, color and shades

195,00 € IVA Escl.
195,00 € IVA Incl.

The frame of the Stinger rotary machine is in Bronze Anodized AluminumThe engine is supplied by Maxon Motors, it is the Maxon 19 2,5 W 6 VIt is a direct rotary machine that does not require maintenanceIt can be used both with traditional needles and with cartridges

158,00 € IVA Escl.
158,00 € IVA Incl.

Big Frank is a powerful pen suitable for all tattoo stylesIt is only available in limited quantities

245,00 € IVA Escl.
245,00 € IVA Incl.

Il design confortevole, ergonomico e leggero consente una manovrabilità ottimale. La pratica corsa modificabile si adatta a diversi stili di tatuaggio. Il sistema a cricchetto sicuro consente agli artisti di bloccare le impostazioni di escursione dell'ago. La caratteristica impugnatura...

295,00 € IVA Escl.
295,00 € IVA Incl.

The frame of the Quick rotary machine is in Aluminum AlloyThe Japanese engine adopts High Quality technology, with greater powerThis machine is equipped with a powerful motor and an advanced gear system which guarantees reliable and silent operationThe machine is compatible with all types of...

295,00 € IVA Escl.
295,00 € IVA Incl.

Frank is a mini pen, with reduced dimensions, designed for realistic tattoo, for those who approach the world of tattoo for the first time, and for those who have problems with the weight of classic machines. Soft, Precise, Stable and Light.

250,00 € IVA Escl.
250,00 € IVA Incl.

DO NOT ACCEPT BATTERIES FROM THE UNKNOWNTezla Power Supply is the power supply that will transform your traditional machines and pens into wireless machines.With Tezla Power Supply you can say goodbye to all traditional cables, pedals and power supplies. Just hook it to the machine via the RCA...

49,00 € IVA Escl.
49,00 € IVA Incl.

Super small size power supplyUseful for those who need an easy to move power supplyThe voltage is regulated by rotating the red indicator

39,95 € IVA Escl.
39,95 € IVA Incl.

Power Supply 2 Ampere Dynamic Tattoo MachinesCompatible with all tattoo machinesOffers 12 levels of settable memories

140,00 € IVA Escl.
140,00 € IVA Incl.
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